What are Belle and Beans shoes made from?
The Belle and Beans shoes are made from a man-made PVC. It’s very soft and comfortable on your foot, it can go in the water (hence, it’s very easy to clean), and it dries quickly as well.

Where can I buy Belle and Beans shoes?
Belle and Beans can be purchased from our website, or in our store if you’re in Melbourne. Otherwise, we also stock at many other boutiques around Australia, so if you would like to try them on, just head to our list of stockists and check out who has them in your area!
Will my feet sweat in Belle and Beans shoes?
No! Even though they are a closed toe shoe, and made out of rubber, Belle and Beans shoes have enough ventilation that you’re feet won’t feel sweaty throughout the day – no matter the weather!
How do I clean my Belle and Beans shoes?
Belle and Beans shoes can just be thrown in the laundry sink with some liquid soap and room temperature water to clean – give them a bit of a scrub and they’re good as new!
How long will it take to receive my Belle and Beans shoes?
You should receive your Belle and Beans shoes within 1-7 Australia Post working days. If you are ordering from outside Australia, please contact us via the links on the Contact Us page first, and we will provide information about postage to your location. 

What is the returns policy on Belle and Beans shoes? If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us within 7 days of receiving the shoes to organise an exchange. We do not offer a full refund, but are more than happy for you to swap your shoes for another colour or size if need be. Please contact us via email to organise all exchanges. Our email address is belleandbeans@gmail.com